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Welcome to Little Acorns Preschool

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will get an overview of what Little Acorns can offer but the best way to find out about us is to come and visit!

"Many thanks to Myfanwy and her wonderful team for giving so much to our son. The support, love and encouragement is outstanding, and you are all truly missed. You allowed Felix to stay on at Little Acorns, when he was supposed to have started school, as we were leaving for the USA. This couldn't have been a better decision. He is now about to start Kindergarten here and is asking if it will be like 'Little Acorns'! My only wish? that we were still in Ifold so that our daughter could attend Little Acorns and experience first hand what her big brother has."

                                                Claire Joinson, Seattle, Washington