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Here are some photos of the children learning and having fun. Read some of the comments that parents and the children have to say about us!

Fun at Little Acorns

Easter Fair 2017

Decorating biscuits at the Easter Fair!

Having fun outside

"As a parent it’s one of the hardest things in the world to leave your child somewhere outside of your control. I can’t think of anywhere I feel more confident and happy to leave my “baby” with other than the staff and environment of Little Acorns. Thank you for making the hard task infinitely more easy!"

Jen, mum to Alex, aged 4

"Jamie loves Little Acorns. He started at 3. He cannot wait to go every morning and play with different things everyday. All the teachers are very, very nice, childloving people. They also teach them a lot by experimenting the world. I am extremely happy that I have chosen this Preschool!"

Beata, mum to Jamie

"I love building robots with my friends. I build them at home too, bring them in and explain how they work. I love coming to Little Acorns!"

William, aged 4

"We chose Little Acorns as not only does it have a great reputation but my daughter’s three older half sisters all went there and still, many years later, speak fondly of it."

Kate, mum to Emily

"Every day the room is completely different from the last day. It’s always so exciting for both Dexter and I to see what he’ll be playing with every time we walk in together."

Zoe, mum to Dexter

"I love doing lots of painting and drawing and colouring."

William, aged 4